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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Long ago but not forgotten. This year's Staycation had Alexandra as a special guest. We did all the local kid crap -- Chuck E. Cheese, Science Center, Romp and Stomp.

posted by Rocky
11:21 AM


Holly Visits!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Happy Birthday Holly visit this year. Indy adores her and the pictures show why -- Chutes and ladders and lava balloon for starters. But Holly will always be his first love. He even asked, after a brief chat about marriage, when Holly's fiancée Alex would die. It's good to plan for your future.

Holly also participated in the Hickey very merry un-birthday celebration. Then the next day the kids went bowling, and I have posted Indy's "Agony of Defeat" photo, which happened when he gutter balled even with the gutter guards in place.

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6:47 AM


New Years

We were all under the weather, but we trudged out into the weather for our new New Year's tradition - First Night in Akron. Crafts, Live Music, Magic Shows, Plays, Ice Skating, and Fireworks. It can't be beat. And, of course, the $5 glowy spinny thing is always required.

In other news, Indy is falling more in love with his "boring friends." While cousin Alexandra waltzed in day one and starting picking them up, Indy has only just now gotten brave enough to do this and it makes him really happy.

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6:32 AM



Here's some Christmas Pictures!

First, the annual stuff picture. Indy was not game for the photo this year.

Here is Indy unwrapping one of his favorites - the Mad Magazine Spy Vs. Spy comic book.

Xmas at Grammy's house on the 26th. The boys were admiring some new posters.

XMas day at Nana's house. Happy matching kids. This year's kid-clothes theme was purple. Nana's house theme was red and white.

Happy for the camera gifts!

Happy Hickeys!

posted by Rocky
6:20 AM


Excuses, Excuses

You ever going to blog again, Rocky? OK, Here's my schedule:

6:45 wake up
7:00 Launch Morning school routine
8:00 Go to School
8:45 Get Home / Make Coffee
9:00 - 1:00 Write
1:00 - Shower
1:30 - Eat
2:00 - Do chores / errands / clean / etc.
2:45 - Get Indy
3:30 - Play with Indy
5:00 - Make dinner
6:00 - Eat Dinner
6:45 - Kid Bath
7:15 - Kid TV
7:45 - 8:30 - Kid to Bed
8:30-9 - Read News
9:00 - Sleep

Now sometimes, I write until 2:00, then shower and eat and skip the chores. Sometimes I write until 2:45 and I am dirty and hungry when I get Indy. 2 days a week Grammy gets Indy and so I get to write more or catch up on those chores or grocery shop or exercise. But, see where blogging comes in? It doesn't. Weekend mornings. But I have to write Holly. And I should be doing my taxes right now. But I can't look at nutcracker pictures another second longer.

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6:18 AM


Nutcracker Time

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Nana takes the kids to the ballet at X-mas time. I get invited too. Indy said he liked it "a lot." Here's some pictures!

Kid in fancy clothes #1

Kid in fancy clothes #2

Kid in fancy clothes #3

Nikki and Alexandra

Me in a kid huddle

Nana says "Uh Oh."

Nana gets a kiss attack

Cute kids

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3:50 PM


I'm getting preachy

Thursday, December 9, 2010

. . . about education reform. I have already posted this lecture on Facebook twice, but I'll throw it over here for fun too. Former smokers are often the worst critics, the least tolerant, of smokers. Such is the case for me and traditional education. I opted out of the club and now I can't stop seeing what's wrong with it. Ultimately, I am probably just experiencing sour grapes. My boy does not excel in this system and so, suddenly, I have a problem with the system.

But in defense of the bigger picture, the system, as a whole, is leaving more then just Indy behind and is ultimately not serving the country as it might. I will also say that I have a niece that is doing very well in public education and will most likely be the ultimate academic, but I also see her 6-year-old-self doing 20 minutes of worksheets every night, and I have to wonder, is this really the best we can do for bright kids that "can" manage this system? Don't they also deserve better?

posted by Rocky
6:36 AM